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Denison rolled out the wellness program November 2017. The program offers tips, healthy recipes and information on numerous of current health topics. Additional aspects of the Wellness Program will include health screenings, a lunch walking program, a lunch meditation program, and many more exciting interactive events. See below for 2018 schedule of events.


Dept of Health and
Arthritis walking

Walk with Ease
A self-guided walking program sponsored by the DOH and Arthritis Foundation.  We have started a 6-week walking program, and have weekly updates on progress.


Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation can “turn off” the stress response. Participants will be introduced to various techniques to stay relaxed, even in stressful situations. They will have an opportunity to take part in a guided relaxation exercise during their session. They will also be provided information on a variety of relaxation techniques to take with them and practice on their own time.


Healthy Beginnings – Tobacco Free – Ready to Quit?
Whether one is ready to quit or not, this seminar will be beneficial. Participants will identify and discuss smoking as a complex behavior, review common triggers, and review a step-by-step plan to stop smoking. Class participants will learn the benefits of quitting, discuss readiness to quit, review Quit Steps and identify resources for support.

Chair Massage
2 chairs- 10

Massage Therapy
During this stop-by information booth, a certified massage therapist will work on the participant’s neck, shoulder, and back muscles while they relax in a specially designed massage chair. Participants will receive information on the benefits of massage for stress reduction and overall health. Multiple sessions may be booked if more than two hours are required. Pre-registration at the worksite is recommended.




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